Temporary Forevers

Truth. It hurts. It’s a pain that is meant to help us realize the thousands of pains we’ve already been dealing with. Those thousands of pains consist of hundreds of thoughts. Those many thoughts consists of temporary forevers. See we live in a world where nothing is temporary. Pain is no longer here today and gone tomorrow. It lingers. It haunts you like your conscious after wrong decisions. It makes you believe that you have a problem that doesn’t even exist. We drown in sorrow, lungs filled with lies and let downs, we can longer breathe deeply to calm ourselves down. We’re blinded. Love shines so damn bright that we never see the wall we’re about to crash into. The lover…well let’s just say they’ve moved out the way. Not once did they guide you in the right direction. A feeling filled with lies told, promises broken, inconsistency. What most do not know is that we’re like balloons. If someone makes the effort to blow air into us, we’ll always be right there. But if filled with bullshit and let go,we fly away like all is well before we can’t take it anymore…and pop. Temporary forevers. Caused by what hurt us. Excuse me, i mean hurts us. They tell us it’s temporary. So why does it last forever? Man I tried to love. It didn’t work. What was suppose to happen? Happiness? A smile? You told me that you’d love me forever. I guess that was temporary. What makes you different from me? You crave love in it’s purest form. Don’t we all? We’re all looking for consistency. Good consistency. Genuine happiness due to consistency of love in it’s purest form. Remarkable to imagine, impossible to feel. I lay here next to my shadow, soon to be cuddled by darkness. It holds me through the night, but again it’s only temporary. Temporary forevers. Forever doesn’t last too long these days.

You’re interesting. Sorry, i say that about a lot of people. But it’s okay. Soon enough, I’ll be saying that to someone else. Why? Cause it’s a trend. No one sticks around. Loyalty used to be my best friend, but selfishness came through and snatched it away. See, I have an eye for the troubled ones. Am i here to save you from you? Yes. You’re your biggest obstacle in life. What I’m here to do is to make you love you by loving you. This may be a temporary thing, but the effects will last forever. I’m not needed, nor am I wanted. I’m your forever. But forever has been abandoned. Temporary has been readjusted. We live by the temporary and die by the forever. Temporary forevers.