Truth Be Told

Liar. Stupid liar. You lie and I’m stupid to even believe it. Fraudulent ass people get on my last nerve. Tell me the truth. Let the truth be heard. Reveal the fake that you are. Truth be told, I’ve been lying to myself all along.

10 seconds. It would all be okay in ten seconds. You may think i don’t give a damn. You may think that I never ever think about you. That you’re just a shadow of my past and a blur in my future. But you’re mine. I made you. In my mind, i created you. Every piece of you…i made. Day after day, week after week, i worked hard. I made you. What we create, we can destroy. But truth be told, i love what I’ve made. Crazy fucking me made crazy fucking you. You’re not a liar like me. No no no, honesty is your best policy and honestly i honestly believe in this policy. But that’s not me. You know me. I made sure you knew me better than i knew me so you can take the time to help me help myself. But it didn’t fully work. That shit was a flaw in the plan. You went against the damn gameplan. But i made you. I should have control of what you do. I should be able to predict what’s next. I should be one step ahead. Truth be told, I don’t tell the truth. Do you believe me?

I..i think about the things you say. Either you’re perfect or i made it seem that way. I sculpted you with little to no experience. You were supposed to be a boomerang but i threw you once and have no clue where you went. I still remember 99.99% of the things you told me. Sometimes we were together, but you still felt lonely. I’m sorry. I focused too much on being what you need that i forgot to be myself. I became a robot. Boring to look at, boring to be with. But i made you. I forget you’re real sometimes even though you’re my greatest creation thus far. Truth be told, i shed a tear thinking of you. Like you were gone forever. Like my creations could never get better. One tear. Little emotion. You taught me that. I’m stronger than ever knowing you always have my back. 10 seconds. Truth be told, it would take ten seconds.



Love. I need love. Your love. The love you possess i need in my chest. The love that i give should be placed between your breasts. But you love another. A man that has your love in the palm of his hands but doesn’t care to grasp. An ungrateful man that gets to have what i need but doesn’t even want it. A stupid man that’s showered with your love but doesn’t enjoy the fresh, clean scent. A naive man that stuck in old ways that were never his old ways back in our younger days. A man that doesn’t deserve a love that is this strong yet he is too numb to feel. A man who has the closest thing to perfection in his presence, but chooses to lock it away for a life sentence while he pursues what i call past tense. This man is relentless. Allow me to experience your love in all its forms. Allow me to introduce your heart to my soul. If I stare you in the eye, will you look away? Will you realize that this love you so desperately want to give away to a man that is blind to it deserves to be in my sight all through the night and into the day? That I so desperately need it. Not to survive, but to feel extra alive. I know we’re just friends but shit, i liked you first. Before anyone i knew, i liked you first. And to still be connected to this day with our hearts in our hands ready to give away to poeple who don’t want it. Let’s be smart about this. Let’s fall in love without even knowing it. Ignorance is bliss. I’ve been shown real, but never the realest. I’ve been shown kindness, but never the kindest. I’ve been loved hard, but not the hardest. I’m ready for you. I’ve dealt with my losses. Friends forever we shall be. We’ll be one person of love even before holy matrimony. Just open your eyes and realize that this was meant to happen. I was meant to love you. You were meant to love me. You’re all I’ve ever wanted and exactly what i need. If no one else comes along like you…

…Forever alone will have to do