I Think I…

Between you and I, this is our little secret. From the words I say to every written lyric. You are my little secret, no one else comes close. I brought you a flower cause you’re a simple girl and all you needed was a single rose. So excuse me as I apologize yet again for not staring you in the eyes, although it’s becoming easier. Maybe this is so because in my eyes, you’ve become less dreamier. You’re no longer a fantasy, you’re part of my reality. It feels like this is how it’s suppose to be. Now if you pay attention to the details, it’ll become clear to you. You’re no longer dreamy to me, you’re my dream come true. Now how is it possible for a man to think so highly of a lady? Does he ever question maybe that this lady is not what she claims to be? Nonesense! Take a note of the very essence of a beautiful soul in my presence. Elegant if you ask me. Sassy, but classy. A girl with a gorgeous heart and a beautiful mind. One that wants to know ME, and always takes the time.

I think I…wanna take the time to invade your mind. Prove that this little secret of mine is one of a kind. I think I…need to make you smile even when you’re not around me. Feel that warm feeling in your heart…that’s me. Without thinking, we’re rolling down this hill of spontaneity, creativity, screaming “hey, it’s me” when we ask who it is that we love gently. Gentle love, that’s adoration. It’s the thought of late nights, with the summer breeze…our secret getaway vacation. It’s the thought of unplanned trips, acting crazy like 11 year old kids. We’re just falling for life…baby we’re just dying to live. I think I…can’t help but think that I…won’t stop til I…say that I…know that we…shoooot. I’m at loss of words thinking of you girl. Lost in my secret world. Shall I speak only facts where I need not take anything back? Or should I attack, with a pen, the only paper in my backpack? Poetically ready at all times to express that I…think that I…don’t really know if I…am unsure that I…adore you. I’m seeing parts of you that I never knew. I’ve gotten the hang of this all, I really think I’ve got it. Physically, mentally, your personality, I think I…love it.


Last Thing I Feel

I’ve felt this before, I know what it’ll become. I’ll ask myself, is this girl the one? Girl after girl, the thought never seems to stop. Until the day I met you and my heart DIDN’T stop. See the heart stops because it’s warning you of the pain. That this girl is either insane or a lost cause, far from a gain. I’ve ignored the signs and relied on the way she made me feel inside as what I believe is good. When in reality, she’s not making me feel like I should. But not you. The way you make me feel is right, and that’s true. You came outta the blue and showed me what it’s supposed to feel like. So I want your love to be the last thing I feel…every night.

Let’s allow spontaneity to convey how we live. The only time you’ll know I’m upset with you is when I call you Viv. Let’s live for today into tomorrow. Let’s do it all together like a bow and an arrow. Let’s live to make memories. Ones that piss us off and ones that are heavenly. It will always be pleasure when you look at me. Unless of course you’re angry. I have no wounds I expect you to heal. I just want your love to be the last thing I feel.

The last thing I feel is the vibration of your voice through my phone. The last thing I feel is your presence, I’m no longer alone. The last thing I feel is your hug before you go. The last thing I feel is your body when we dance slow. I would like to borrow your heart, I really don’t wanna steal. I just want your love to be the last thing I feel.

To Be Continued…

Often focused on a happy ending, we go around pretending that a happy ending is the right message to be sending. Focused on you, I take it day by day. If things are going well, speed it all up if you may. But focused on you, the truth, I can’t help but think about tomorrow, with no sorrow of the temporary feelings you may borrow along the way. Expressing the L word is something most of us have trouble with, we can never find the words the say. So forgive me if I stare at you discretely, trying to figure out if how much you mean to me didn’t all form in this dream that seemed to be reality. Actually, I’m actively laughing at the fact that we are nothing more than love splattered on the floor like pieces of a puzzle that once was a beautiful picture. Silly me! How could I think that we were the pieces of the puzzle that went together perfectly? Is there such a thing as “that’s how it’s suppose to be?” Or if I keep you close to me, you’ll notice me. That I’m a lotus that finds a way to grow even thru snow. That who you think you know is exactly who I show. Forever may be in our hearts, but it’s what keeps most apart. See the essence of a heart is to beat a rhythm that one can adore. With feelings stored, our hearts can release such images of one another that smother our very souls, to the point of no control. We are forever together. But forget forever. Let’s focus on the better. Let’s focus on our current lives, the way we actually feel inside and simply…let it ride. So the next time I leave your side, we’ll give our hugs and say goodbye. This journey to what may be love is rough, but you have it in you. Know that this is not the end…it’s to be continued