Late Night Thoughts

Do I need much creativity? Or no matter what I say you’ll listen to me? I have so much to express, but its not the time to let her know. It’s kinda like for the best results you gotta take it slow. Expressions expressions. Keep many to myself cause I indeed have learned my lesson. What is this feeling that I feel? I actually don’t feel anything at the moment, sorry just had to keep it real. But know that your smile makes me smile and your eyes drive me wild and remember that I have the heart of a child and I’m willing to wait for this even if it takes a while. Look at me and tell me what do you see. Loyalty? Honesty? If so, then you’re right on the money. That’s me. Oh oh when we dance I wanna look into your eyes and hold you close. But there’s some things that I don’t want you to know. It’s nothing bad. Just that it makes me mad to think that what I have is not necessarily in my grasp. And I ask that whatever I do with my heart from this day going forward, it will be on your behalf. Cause there’s something crazy telling me you’re my other half. I’m not making this up. This is true words I speak of even though it’s not about love. It’s the early stages that consist of me liking everthing about you and moving aside the residue that keeps me from you. I mean SHIT, what should I do? I try my best to keep things to myself but they keep slipping out. And maybe you catch on to most things, maybe you know what I’m all about. Wait, no no, that I doubt. Late night thoughts of you are slowly starting to invade my mind. And they refuse to go away until that day where I make you……..mine.


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