Amerika by Anonymous

“So I’m chilling at this spot bullshitting with this girl sipping on some Evan Williams. I’m feeling like a thousand bucks, but I’m about to make a million. As i take casual shots, the thoughts that I’m creating are wrapping around the cloud of dark thoughts of me doing some unthinkable things in the cut with this girl. She’s the girl I have been looking after for four years. Her skin tone looka so nice and smooth, something like caramel or coffee milk.  Well maybe not coffee milk, but a nice coffee color with cream. She is easily the one I could be with, but it would/could never be. She has a different taste in drinks that means she would only take casual sips of me but never take tla full gulp. She is a fine glass of wine, white to be exact. But she be like the lean, I could never sip that. With all of the shit I tried, i had hoped that it would probably turn into something. But she’s too much of a friend that it would not turn into anything. That is the girl that I would seriously marry, but i don’t know if she will ever give me the chance.  I would treat that woman how she’s supposed to be treated, with love and respect. Once again i’m getting these dark thoughts of me kissing all on her neck. She’s my golden girl, her smile shines brighter than the sun. I swear one night, one chance, I would make her feel like she’s the only one. Oh how many times have I longed for her, wishing that she would be mine. These shots are starting to get to me, they’re slowing down time. When I see her walking from afar, she’s the only one that sticks out to me, kind of like the North Star. In my dreams, we have lived a fantastic life, me as her husband and her as my wife. I kid with her a lot, you know flirt with her and all. Usually this liquid encouragement does it for me, but as of right now I just don’t have the balls. I bet her lips taste sweet like her skin tone, like honey. She’s not the type of girl that goes for guys with all the money. She makes me happy anytime that she’s around. i would be the luckiest man if she told me it was about to go down. When we were back home I showed her my town. These niggas don’t know how to treat her, but if she was with me she would have the crown. I am a king and she would be my queen. A lot of stuff could happen if we were locked in a room together, if you know what I mean. She’s the one for me. She casually drinks and occasionally smokes weed. She takes my thoughts to higher places, where no one can touch. Can I marry this girl already?! Is that asking for too much?? I know who she needs and I am him. Man if I get this girl, you would see me walking around campus with the biggest grin. Maybe she’ll read this and probably know who the author is. Hey if this works, hopefully by then I would have already caught her. She’s a top girl that doesn’t have to do anything extra. God bless this beautiful CV girl, and god bless Amerika.”

– Anonymous


Letter To Beauty

*What’s For You Will Not Pass You By*

Dear Beauty,

I have not the slightest idea of why I am writing this letter. For all I know, this is all just a dream I will soon wake up from. But since this is reality, I shall continue to proceed telling you all that needs to be said. Several years. Several long years of my ideal girl in the back of my mind. So many things have gone on in our lives and it may be almost impossible for us to catch up. But ideally, you have not changed for the worst. I picture you, Beauty, as the type of person I want in my life, or even need. You may wonder how I could possibly think this. How can I possibly know the type of person you are today? That is a question I’ve yet to answer, but will do so now. You see Beauty, I know that you are still as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. I’ve always had this strong faith that you would never change. But if you did change, it would only be for the better. Now before you start assuming anything at all, I just want to make it clear that this is not a love letter. I just need to let out several years of thoughts about you. If you remember at all, we dated back in the day for a few months. In those few months, even as young as we were, you showed loyalty. Even though you had no interest in me at the start, you grew to like me and the sweet, loving person that I was. Now none of that has changed. The way I was then, I still am now. Only now, I’m a million times better. I always had this thin connection with you that could not be taken away. I could not get over you. I wanted to continue the little that we had and watch it grow into something beautiful. My next relationship was tough because I could not truthfully say that you were no longer on my mind. My very small image of you that was left was all that I needed to continue holding on to what it was that we had as young teenagers. Going into college, I thought that my thoughts of you would disappear because of the lack of communication between you and I. But nonetheless, I was wrong. I fell in love, but anytime I felt something was not right about the girl I fell in love with, I always thought of a certain someone. That certain someone would be you. Tell me Beauty, how would I know that you are still the beautiful, smart, funny, caring, simply amazing individual that I portrayed you as years and years ago? How in the world and why in the world have I held on to such precious, innocent memories of you? I promise you, I did not do it on purpose. It is something that I’ve tried to let go, but it always finds its way back into my mind. About you, Beauty, I’ve never had any doubts. You’re possibly the only girl in this world that I’ve never had doubts about. Now in a perfect, ideal world, you and I would be together. I look around every day to realize that this is far from a perfect world. But that’s okay. Perfection lives in our hearts. If our hearts say something is perfect, than it is. So that means that even if you have changed in many small ways, it’s the core of who you are as a woman that I most care about. If you are still an impeccable woman, then in my eyes you are perfection. Don’t get me wrong, I care a lot about the little things. Without them, one cannot say that they truly love someone. But remember, this is not a love letter. Have you noticed that every year I remember your birthday? It doesn’t matter how long it has been since we last spoke, your birthday is a day that I can never forget. You’ve always had a special place in my heart for as long as I can remember. Believe it or not, I’ve had a crush on you since I can remember. That’s probably around when I first met you. And to think that after several years you would actually be reading a letter written by that kid. Now as I am 21 years old, I’ve been through some things and I’ve managed to keep Beauty in the back of my mind all these years. After recently contacting you, simply talking to you was a breath of fresh air. Hearing your voice and hearing your laugh was nothing short of amazing. It had been so long since I’ve even heard what you sound like at all. I was back to my safe place. You must know that you, Beauty, are my safe place. Thinking of you always gives me this warm feeling inside and makes me smile. My lack of doubt towards you and your personality keeps me at peace. Now you may be wondering again how all this is possible. Look in the mirror and smile at the genuine person that you are and tell me now that this is all possible. You probably think that you are a pretty okay person, huh? Funny because I sit over here, with an old image of your beauty, still thinking of how amazing you are. Can’t you see that simply talking to you for a few days can bring all this out of me? I don’t know what it is that you have over me, but it brings out the best in me. I don’t mean to scare you with all this. I just wanted you to know what has been going through my mind and my heart all these years. It’s an amazing story about an amazing woman that no matter how much time seems to past, she never seems to lose me and my undeniable, unconditional love for her. Beauty. Does this sound familiar? I love you. Always have, always will.

Love Always,


Lovely, lovely, won’t you become one with me. Your eyes are the reason why I stare. Your loving personality is the reason why I care. I have some things that i’d like to share. Just know that someone like you is hard to find, you’re rare. You bring out the best in me. You always make it seem okay to love you when at times it seems scary. Marry me? Kidding kidding, that’s a little crazy. But who am I kidding, you’re the one that knows me best. You have to be crazy to love someone, I’m talking biting through your own flesh. It’s crazy, I’m aware of that. But crazy in love you need to be, look it up, it’s a fact. Lovely, lovely, won’t you love me? I can be your hubby, you can be my wifey. Make my life complete. Be my soul food, baby I’m dying to eat. Don’t hold back, don’t retreat. Make my house a home, don’t leave me on the streets. I, alone, can stand on my own two feet. But when I do lose my balance, will you be there for me? I’m not tryna play hide and seek. But I do wanna be able to find you whenever I close my eyes and count to three. Lovely, lovely, I’ve been through heartbreak. I’ve made huge mistakes, but I’ve finally learned how to use my brakes. Slow it all down, cause it all takes time. I’ve been making a man out of me since I was nine. I understand the steps I have to go through. I know what I need to be balanced, lovely I see it in you. Be my boo, I promise I’ll stay true. Anything you need, I’ll do. I’ll try to never act brand new. Be the man you always knew. I’ll be that man that when someone says HE loves you, you’ll always know who. These are promises I told myself i’d never again make. But for a while now I was asleep, but because of you, I am now awake. In my heart you’ll forever have a place. You and I have now created our own love space. Lovely, lovely, come and love me. Love me as I love you and watch as we both become happy. Ain’t it lovely?

Old Thinking

What most do not understand is that it only makes sense to the one that feels it. It is sometimes hard for the one that feels it to understand it. At times it may seem fictional, like something you read in a book or see on a television screen. But what most do not understand is that we are being built up to believe that what we read, see, hear, is all fictional. This is so because when we are more used to seeing things as fictional rather than reality, we make ourselves believe that it is naïve to believe that those things that we see as fictional are what I call ‘super reality’. This super reality can only exist to those who believe in love, peace, happiness and have strength and faith. Without those key components, that super reality is simply a figment of our imagination. Has your heart ever dropped to your stomach? Now for those who answer no to this question, let me explain. Your heart does not literally drop to your stomach, but it does feel as if it does. It is a feeling one usually gets when they are nervous. But in some cases there is no reason to be nervous. I will use myself as an example. When my heart drops to my stomach, it is because it is coming. Now I am trying to be broad here so no names will be used. When it is coming, when its voice is heard, when its name is said, my heart drops. If you ask me, I believe it’s kind of like your heart fainting. Haha, now that may seem stupid in a way, but you honestly feel weak. Now that may explain feeling weak at the knees. How can something that does not physically touch you make you weak at the knees? It is all way too much to explain so I believe a book or two needs to be written about it and I am going to be the one to do so. But how about I leave you all with a poetic view of what this all is…to me that is…

Perfection, something that is perfect in every way
Perfection, something you dream of night and day
In today’s world, perfection is a rarely used word, it’s nonexistent
But take my eyes, you’ll see that perfection is so resilient
Take my body and soul, you’ll feel that it is a pure thing
Take my heart and you’ll know that this love is a sure thing
Love and perfection, those words equal everything beautiful we know
It describes an amazing moment where you experience it all in a relaxed motion, slow
While this moment is slowed down, do me a favor and end this right by following these 5 steps…relax..

Listen to your heart beat
Put your peace sign up
Stand up straight with your head up high
Close your eyes

You are officially in the zone of that amazing moment that describes Perfection.